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  • Aayat song cover by Rajesh for rising star audition 2016

    Aayat Song Cover By Rajesh For Rising Star Audition 2016

  • India's rising star audition

    India's Rising Star Audition

  • PESU Atmatrisha 2016: PULSE Performance

    PESU Atmatrisha 2016: PULSE Performance

  • Indian idol old man  given audition in Mumbai

    Indian Idol Old Man Given Audition In Mumbai

  • Rising Star audition 2016 in india colours TV

    Rising Star Audition 2016 In India Colours TV

  • Masa lam daw (1)

    Masa Lam Daw 1

  • News Top 20

    News Top 20

  • colors rising star auditions india 2016

    Colors Rising Star Auditions India 2016

  • India's Rising Star Audition viacom-18

    India's Rising Star Audition Viacom-18